Ceramic Planet on Pinterest

Ceramic Planet on Pinterest

Search for tiling inspiration with Pinterest

Ceramic Planet is always trying to be a source of inspiration when it comes to ceramic tiles for your bathrooms and kitchens and so that is why we have our very own Pinterest page.

On our boards you will find images not just dedicated to kitchen and bathroom design but the rest of the house too including ideas for the stairs, shelving, lighting, picture frames and much much more.

Because Pinterest is filled with users’ favorite bookmarked ideas and products, it’s an ideal source of inspiration. When a person wants to know what colour kitchen tiles go with their real shaker kitchen units, why not search on Pinterest to see which versions other people have chosen.

When a person wants to see wood effect floor tiles in different environments, a quick search on Pinterest turns up dozens of good examples. 

Likewise, simply scrolling through your feed reveals all the latest pins from your contacts. That’s why Pinterest is an easy inspiration source for a wide range of topics, especially for the home.

So what is Pinterest?

Pinterest is like a virtual bulletin or cork board that allows users to find and curate images and videos. Unlike other photo sharing sites, the emphasis here is on the discovery and sharing of other people’s content, not storing your own.

How does it work?

Pinterest allows you to use visuals like photos or infographics as a type of social currency in their own right — garnering likes and “repins”. 

You can easily post images from other websites to your Pinterest account using the “Pin it” task bar button, or you can just browse the Pinterest platform to discover, like, or “repin” content others have already posted.

Customers can say which products they love (Tiles, kitchen work tops, baths… you name it) and want to buy for themselves, and their friends can further the endorsement by pinning the pictures to their own walls thus sharing their own likes with like minded people.

Don't forget to repin your favourite images and don't be surprised if others start repining from you.


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