Bathroom Tiling ideas

Bathroom Tiling ideas

Why tile?

We love tiles,

They’ve been re-imagined over recent years, at one time they were a simple and practical solution for bathrooms and kitchens, they are now seen as a key eye catching feature in any home. Being hardwearing, easy to maintain, tiles have become a permanent fixture in most of our homes. Whether they’re ceramic, porcelain or natural stone, there will always be a tile to suit your home’s busy environment.

Offering a wide array of design styles and effects tiles are the perfectly versatile option for any home.


Ways to use tiles in your bathroom

It has been said time and time again that the bathroom is the most important room in a home and we 100% agree with that statement, after all we start and finish each and every day there. Besides the shower being the one place on earth that your greatest ideas come from it is always seen as a room that offers solitude and so should be decorated in a manner that would reflect on serenity and peace, whatever that may be to you.

Let the floor speak first

The days when your walls were the feature in your bathroom are over, no longer is your floor just a place to stick some plain old tiles and let them blend into the background. Pattern flooring has proven to be an extremely popular way of making the most of that floor space that you would probably have just laid some plain grey tiles on, mix it up a little. Tiles like the Nikea, Antiqua Pattern and BCT’s devonstone add a tonne of character to any bathroom. Whether you want a morrocan feel from the Nikea or something more quintessentially british with the Devonstone, pattern tiles have your back.

Traditional tiles

Authenticity and character come to mind when thinking about a more traditional look in a bathroom. Bags of charm and timeless appeal have ensured the traditional look has stayed a firm place when it comes to decorating a bathroom. Brick tiles and pattern or geometric flooring should be your first options when decorating a bathroom in a traditional manner.

White brick tiles and a dark grey grout really add character to a bathroom wall. As well as adding substance to plain white tile, darker grout can help make your white tile look even brighter and help to anchor the colour.

Metro White Bevelled Brick

Metro tiles

Easily the most versatile type of tile to use, the metro tile has been around for years. As popular today as it ever has been. Originally the metro tile was used in subway stations in the likes of London and New York. Whilst there are many bevelled edge metro tiles around today, they were originally flat, making them easy to clean and install. Exclusive to walls they are comfortably at home within a bathroom, kitchen or pretty much any room in the house.

Having a bevelled edge metro tile on the wall really helps to add a depth and texture that a flat metro tile cannot provide. On the reverse the flat metro tile can add a super edgy and youthful look.

Geometric tiles

One of the biggest tiling trends at present, quite easily has to be the geometric designs. Coming in many shapes, patterns, sizes and colours geometric tiles have exploded into the home decorating market. Using a geometric tile adds instant visual appeal and interest into any room. Using them on the floor really helps to create a dramatic interior statement. When paired with a simple colour or plain white wall tiles, a geometric style floor tile creates an amazingly bold style in any room. That being said, a geometric tile is not exclusive to the floor, try using them to create features and splash backs in your bathroom or your kitchen.

Ted Baker Multi Geo Tile by BCT


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